Below you will find a selection of the technical information and manuals from my archives. I have grouped them for easy locating.
These documents are in several different languages, indicated in parenthesis.

EN: English language
DE: German language
NL: Dutch language
SP: Spanish language

Wild user manuals, from scanned originals:

Leica user manuals:

Leica technical information:

This "GSI Online" manual explains all details about how to remotely control the several TPS series of instruments. Using this information measurment data can be retrieved from internal memory, stakeout data can be transfered to the instrument and motorized instruments can be controled to point to targets, start measurements, etc.
The manual dates from 2008 and covers all TPS series up to the FlexLine series, plus the DNA digital level.

Disto technical information:

The Disto series of hand distance meters is generally much more powerful than the general public expects.
A special version has been manufactured for some time to prove its power to potential OEM customers.
This "Disto OEM Module" did not sport a user interface or buttons, but had to be controlled from remote over a serial (RS232) connection.
The technical manual discusses this unit in full detail, while the Disto Online Manual describes all different commands.

This command set is available even in the latest Disto units of today, but obviously only the models with Bluetooth can be accessed and controlled this way.

Technical information connecting Leica to Trimble TSC1:

The following data sheets show the information in pictures, so the actual language is not so important.

Technical information from the Dutch Kadaster in relation to Liscad:

The documents below can prove usefull while processing with Liscad and for setting the configuration of for instance the SUF2/NEN1878 convertor for Liscad.