The localisation of software requires special skills and tools.
Not only must the textual content of software be translated, it must also be done in such a way, that the different elements of the existing user interface remain fully intact.

Localisation is in many cases also a job of translating short sentences and single words, sometimes completely without any context. 
This may require working with the software developers in order to achieve optimum results.

Being a software developer myself ensures, that while working on localisations, I speak the same language as the developer. I also understand his situation intimately, having worked at both sides of the table.
For that reason I can offer suggestions for avoiding or getting out of tough spots.

I have several tools available to me for the extraction of textual parts, like strings, literals, etc. from existing software in different stages of development.
Localisations done for one version can be easily applied to next versions, so duplicate work is avoided.

  • Software documentation and manuals can be part of projects.
  • I work with language pairs: EN-NL, NL-EN and DE-NL, DE-EN.