Survey & Polling Software

General Information:

A survey package was developed for a "Council" to allow the design, entry and analyses of Surveys and Survey Data.
Questionaires can be designed and printed as blanks.
Results can be entered into the system after performning the survey and several lists, statistics and graphs can be printed from the results.

Software: Immersion of Tunnel Elements


In 2007, together with partner Invacon, I build a software package for the precise positioning under water of (tunnel) elements.
The approach also allows for the precise positioning of sections of bridges and other large objects and constructions, that need to be placed or transported with greatest accuracy while floating in water, hanging from cranes or moved on vehicles.

Software: Fierljeppen (competitions)


Fierljeppen is a sport that evolved from ditch-jumping with a pole-vault. This was traditionally the fastest method of moving through fields that were frequently intersected by ditches and streams.
Fierljeppen has since become a mature sport in which competitions and matches are held at a high level.

From 2006 to 2008, within a partnership of Geomaat Landmeten and MultiGeo, ideas were conceived and concepts developed to push the way the length of jumps was measured (with sticks and ropes) into the 21st century.
Presentations were made to the board of the Frisian Fierljep Association, which rejected the concepts, but did begin using digital measuring devices.
In implementing these, however, they ran into barriers and the processing of measurements, although now accurate, remained time consuming.