Liscad MOVE3 Interface

File name: LCMOVE
Download size: 2.4 MB
File version: 3.1.71
Release date: 2019-02-20
Release notes: downloads/liscad/LCMOVE_ReleaseNotes.pdf

Measurements being processed in Liscad can be adjusted using the MOVE3 interface utilising the MOVE3 3D least-squares network adjustement software package that was created by Geogroep Grontmij, currently part of Sweco.

All required observations and known stations can be transfered from Liscad to a MOVE3 project and the checked and adjusted co-ordinates can be re-imported into Liscad.

Version 3.1.71 (20-2-2019) is suitable for all versions of Liscad since version 7 and runs on Windows XP or later.

At installation the program becomes an integral part of Liscad and can be accessed through task Dataconversion at both Import and Export.
The program can also be run as a stand-alone proces, in which case the returned co-ordinates are converted from the MOVE3 COR-file into Liscad IDEX format.

The download contains everything required for the installatie, plus as extra the separate executable and manual. This way an existing installation can be quickly updated by just replacing the older executable and manual.