Wild GIF12 Data exchange

Bestandsnaam: WINGIF12.EXE
Downloadgrootte: 190kB
Releasedatum: 1999-05-05
The Wild GIF12 is a device for accessing the memory modules (REC modules, GRM10) from a PC.

REC modules are used in a variety of total stations and digital levels from Wild, including:

  • T/TC1000 and 1600
  • T/TC1010 and 1610
  • NA2000/3000
  • NA2002/3003

The Wild GIF12 is connected to the PC via a parallel/printer port. Such a port is generally nop longer available on modern computers.

Alternatives such as USB-Parallel convertors generally do not work for the GIF12, although some may do.
Contrary to the GIF10 the GIF12 does not contain any switches or settings as all functionality is controlled via the software, which - when it can be used - is much more powerful then the GIF10 capabilities.

The WINGIF12 software requires no specific installation procedure.

Put all files contained in the ZIP file in a separate folder and start the program.
Its use is self explanatory.

The WINGIF12 program is a Windows executable, but it is unknown to me up to what version of Windows it will still run, as I do no longer have access to a suitable PC sporting the required parallel port.
You will have to experiment to find out.

The program can be started on my Windows 10 system (64bit), but it cannot connect to the GIF12 as expected.

The program can be started with several command line parameters so as to start automated sequences or force initial actions.
A special command (/se_col4) is available that puts the program into "service mode" where an inserted GRM10 can be manipulated at byte level.