Wild GIF10 Data exchange

Download size: 70kB
Release date: 1993-03-23

The Wild GIF10 is a device for accessing the memory modules (REC modules, GRM10) from a PC.
REC modules are used in a variety of total stations and digital levels from Wild, including:

  • T/TC1000 and 1600
  • T/TC1010 and 1610
  • NA2000/3000
  • NA2002/3003

The Wild GIF10 is connected to the PC via a serial port.
The GIF10 contains a setting for switching between normal serial cables and null modem (crossed) cables.
In addition both the program and the GIF10 must be set to identical communications parameters.
Make sure, that the GIF10 has been set correctly.

Next to the GIF10 many Wild / Leica instruments can be directly accessed via serial cable.
The same cable can be used for almost all Wild / Leica total stations and levels, that support a serial port.
Both RS232 and USB cables are available from Leica.

TRANSGPC requires no specific installation procedure.
Put all files contained in the ZIP file in a separate folder and start the program.
Its use is self explanatory.

The TRANSGPC program runs on DOS, but will function well on Windows 7 x86 (32bit) and all older versions of Windows.
I have not yet tested on Windows 8 and 10, but there is a good chance it will work there too - as long as 32bit versions are in use.
If you happen top use 64bit Windows, then you may need to revert to Virtual-PC (Vista) or Virtual-XP (Win7) or TameDOS or similar virtual DOS-boxes.