TPS1100 Simulator

File name: TPS1100_Simulation
Download size: 5250 kB

The TPS1100 Simulator allows for simulating the complete range of TPS1100 series instruments on a PC or laptop, including all onboard software.

Measurements can be simulated by entering the needed measurement values. A "fuzz-factor" can be applied to create the natural variations presesnt in real-life measurements, such as caused by slight vibrations of the air and the ground. This creates a realistic spread in the measurement values.

As an alternative a real instrument can be attached to the PC or laptop via a serial port and be connected to the simulator for performing measurements. This way of working was very popular among developers of onboard software as it did not require to have the software under development be uploaded to the instrument for each testing cycle.

The simulator functionally matches the latest version of the TPS1100 series firmware.