GIFCON25 GSI file conversion

File name: GIFCON2.5
Download size: 475 kB
File version: 1.10.05
Release date: 1999
The GIFCON25 program (GIF CONverter generation 2.5) includes the following capabilities:
  • Reformat Wild/Leica GSI8 files to GSI16
  • Reformat Wild/Leica GSI16 files to GSI8
  • Convert and recalculate distance units in observations
  • Convert text files to GSI8 or GSI16 - very flexible
  • Convert GSI files to text files - very flexible

The GIFCON25 program has been tested on Windows 95 up to Windows 7.
I have not yet tested it on Windows 8, 8.1 and 10.

The online help is suitable only for use on Windows 2000 or older. For later Windows versions a tool used to be available through the Microsoft Download Site, that could read this older help file format.
It seems to have been taken down though, but you probably won't need to use the help anyway.

Installation of the program is simpel: just unpack the full contents of the ZIP file to a separate folder and start the program.